Life-Changing Reunion! Kate Mulgrew Met Her Daughter 20 Years After She Gave Her Up For Adoption

Date May 8, 2019

The Star Trek actress Kate Mulgrew didn't have a perfect childhood. Being a teenage celebrity wasn't all glitz and glam.

Mulgrew gave her baby up for adoption at 18

The Ryan's Hope star had just lost 2 sisters which had devastated her family. Her mother was torn and didn't think she will ever move past it.

So when 18-year-old Mulgrew broke the news of her pregnancy to her mother, she was advised to give up the baby for adoption.’ve made a big mistake this time...give that baby away...I can’t help’s best for the baby and it’s best for you.


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Kate had been hesitant to ask her mother, but she had hoped her mom would support her till she could take care of the baby.


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She found her daughter in 1998

As soon as Mulgrew gave her baby away, she regretted it and hired a private investigator. 


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She had reached out to the organisation that had been involved in the adoption to no success. It was 20 years later, in 1998, that the big break came.

Kate Mulgrew got a call from her daughter when she was on the set of Star Trek: Voyager and immediately flew to meet her. Kate discovered her daughter had also tried to reach out to her.

My daughter’s capacity for forgiveness is something I have never seen before, in my life. 

Danielle Gaudette meets her mother

As for meeting her biological mother who had given her up for adoption about 20 years ago, Danielle Gaudette describes it as intense. For her, it was an out of body experience, in which she was numb.  

I did not eat a morsel for four days. Nervous isn’t even the word.

They met at a hotel bar, and Dianelle realized her mom wanted her in her life. She hadn’t seen that coming. Both mother and daughter began knowing more and more of each other and are now very close.

Not all post-adoption reunions go well, but we are certainly glad about this one. Kate ascribes it to her daughter’s forgiving heart.