"There's Nothing To Be Ashamed Of!" Lady Colin Campbell Insists On Her Rights To Talk About The Queen's Sex Life

Date July 12, 2018 16:50

It turns out the scandal-loving Lady Colin Campbell has a lot more to say after her controversial book on the Queen's sex life hit the bookshops recently.

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Absurd claims

The self-styled royal biographer and reality star had a swell time writing quite explicitly about the monarch's love of intimacy and Prince Philip's addiction to flirting.


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In fact, she claimed to have experienced Philip's flirting firsthand.

Backlash and response

But, her book was immediately called out by writers and observers in general who questioned her credibility as a royal expert, seeing as she had never been seen hanging around any royal.

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In response, Campbell claims all she set out to do was show the Queen as a normal, healthy woman. According to the 68-year-old, there's nothing for the royal to be ashamed of in her book.

She's unstoppable 

It's just as well that she isn't ready to apologize, as the royals aren't ready to pay any attention to her or dignify her with a response.


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She has written no less than three scandalous and questionable books on their lives. Most memorably, she claimed in one 2012 book that the Queen and her sister were born to their parents by artificial insemination without offering proof.

These are lawsuits waiting to erupt in her face.

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