Former Royal Butler Paul Burrell Says The Royal Family Is Frightened Of Meghan Markle And What She Represents

Date May 23, 2018

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are proving that they would prefer to keep certain parts of their life private, but they may not get the chance to do this.

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Royal goof?

Every single detail about their lives has come under analysis, and Meghan Markle has taken the worse hits. The press has continued to engage any member of her family willing to speak to them.

In further analysis, British etiquette expert and social commentator, William Hanson, says that the refusal of the royal family to send someone to see Meghan's dad, is not a good sign.

More so, he said it proves that the royals are out of touch with what it means to marry a commoner.

Meghan will ruffle feathers

On the heels on his commentary, another royal expert, Paul Burrell, is of the opinion that Meghan will ruffle the feathers of the royals in many ways.

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Burrell said Meghan's race, her status as divorcee, and her Hollywood affiliations are things the royals do not like.

He noted that it was in their best interest to embrace these things and move forward.

He did not forget to add that Meghan was strong enough to weather any storm that would come her way. In his opinion, he thinks Princess Diana would have loved the Duchess of Sussex.

Not yet Uhuru

Not everyone is hopeful about Meghan's impact though. Associate professor of sociology at Birmingham City University, Kehinde Andrews, believes that the duchess would have to do much to be accepted.

She said:

She won’t be allowed to be a black princess. The only way she can be accepted is to pass for white.


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According to her, nothing much will change about the relationship between the royals and black people in Britain.

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