Meryl Streep Brags About Her Husband In A Rare Interview About Family, Fame, And Ageing Without Fears

Date July 9, 2018

Ace actress, Meryl Streep, is exactly as private, as she needs to be. But, from time to time, she opens up about her intensely private life as a mom and wife.

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How she raised her children

Away from the limelight, the multiple award winner has been married to Don Gummer for decades.

She takes pride in her achievements as mom to their four children Henry, Mamie, Grace, and Louisa. But, she does not pretend to know it all and has spoken repeatedly about learning how to parent as she went along.

Balancing fame and family

But, the one thing Streep will not be humble about is her choice of partner. She and Gummer share a beautiful love story that began when she stayed in his apartment to get over losing her first husband to cancer.

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At 69, they have shared a beautiful 40-year marriage and raised successful children, among them a musician and two actresses. How has she maintained her career and family while ageing gracefully?

Her husband is her lucky charm

The icon believes she got lucky in picking just the right man. She also credits her parents, particularly her artist mom for supporting her emotionally when she first began to explore acting.


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As for ageing without succumbing to body alteration pressures, Streep's solution is simple. She stays above the fray by embracing ageing and whatever it brings her way. We say yes to that!

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