Original Star Of Baywatch Erika Eleniak Says She Left The Show Because It Was Becoming Too Explicit For Her

Date May 21, 2018 10:37

Before Pamela Anderson, there was Erika Eleniak. She left the show, Baywatch, just as it was becoming successful in 1992 chiefly because she felt it was becoming a little too raunchy.


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Life before and after Baywatch

Since leaving the show, the actress who got her big break in one of Hollywood's most iconic film, E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial at 12, has tried her hands-on reality TV and other acting projects, notably Desperate Housewives.


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In 2006, she came under a lot of scrutiny for her weight issues and landed a spot on the 4th season of Celebrity Fit Club. Prior to that, she was hospitalized for laxative abuse.

Pamela Anderson

The actress seems to be in a better place these days, and when she spoke to FOX 10, her stint as Shauni McClain in both Baywatch the original movie and the resulting series were subjects of interest.


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Although, her exit from the show gave Pamela Anderson one of her most memorable roles, Elenaik said she had no regrets leaving when she did because the role got a bit unsettling for her.

Future projects

She does not mind that Anderson went on to define the character in a way that eclipsed her completely.

She said: 

My exit was Pamela Anderson’s entrance. I feel like she made the show. And I know they were thrilled to have her. So it just worked out really well.

After she left the show, she landed a role alongside Steven Seagal in Under Siege. Not a bad gig at all.


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These days, her career is not as hot as it once was, but she keeps busy by teaching acting to children as therapy. She also has a movie project in pre-production. Good for her!

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