Sarah Ferguson: The Truth About Her Ex-Lovers, Current Love Life, And The Infamous 'Toe-Sucking' Scandal

Date July 10, 2018 16:00

The royal family has seen some pretty big scandals, and in the 90s, Prince Andrew and his ex Sarah Ferguson were smack in the middle of one of Britain’s most messy cheating scandals.

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Marriage turns sour

After a fairy tale romance, the second royal son and his childhood friend turned into a beautiful marriage. But, after the birth of their daughters, things went south.

Andrew already had a solid playboy reputation before he ‘fell in love’, but with his marriage turning sour, he reportedly sought solace in other women. Ferguson herself was not left out.

Rumored lovers

In 1992, The Sun published a shocking picture of her toe being sucked by another man. Needless to say, they divorced in 1996. But Ferguson has remained a part of Andrew’s life, while she has continued to date other men.

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She was linked with the internet entrepreneur Manuel Fernandez for about three years - 2014 and 2017. But she has denied any romantic involvements with him and all the other men in her life.

Still in love?

About her toe-sucking bae and that time in her life, Ferguson continues to make efforts to distance herself from the scandal.


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In the midst of it all, her relationship with Andrew continues to grow stronger and inspire fans who think that they might just end up together now that he is no longer bound by tradition to seek spousal approval from the Queen.

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