Tom Hanks Celebrates His Son For Being 2 Years Sober And Coming Clean About His Abuse

Chet Hanks is 2 years sober and focused on his burgeoning acting career. His Hollywood royalty parents, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, could not be more proud.


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Battle with addiction

As the younger son, Chet had grown up in the shadow of his parents' success. For years, the rapper battled addition and struggled to carve a niche for himself.


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In 2015, the young dad who once went by the rap moniker, Chet Haze, disclosed that he had gone to rehab for substance abuse.


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He admitted to selling cocaine, snorting the substance, as well as smoking crack.


These days, he acts and raps on Empire, and he could not be more proud of himself and his journey to sobriety. He is also a fan of the character he plays and told PEOPLE he identifies with the man he plays on screen in many ways.


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Anyone who was born in some kind of shadow of success of their father or mother can share this journey of a growing process. Not by denying who you are but by embracing who you are.


The best part of my year. The person who saved my life 💜

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Chet is all about being a part of the Fox drama world where he gets to rap and act. When he's not doing that, he's fully dedicated to raising his daughter.

Proud dad - Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is his son's biggest cheerleader. He is proud of Chet for sharing his story and getting his life back on track. In a series of post on his Instagram story, he applauded the bravery it took for Chet to come clean.


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What's more? Father and son now get to talk about being in the same profession, and the more experienced actor is doing his best to teach Chet about what it takes to be a great actor.

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