Will Smith Thinks His Daughter's Chances Of Growing Into A Confident Woman Are Better Because She Is Not 'Curvy'

Date May 25, 2018

Will Smith is such a dad! The actor is very committed to the experience of fatherhood when it comes to raising his three children.


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Overprotective dad

Willow, his only girl, was not even 12 yet, and she was already worked up about what her dating life would be like and who her potential dates would be.

In 2012, at the New York City premiere of Men in Black III, Smith said he would screen anyone who wanted to date Willow, but he had one important caveat: his daughter would not be dating until she turned 40!

Willow's grown

Clearly, he has had a lot of time to change his mind, as Willow is now months shy off her 18th birthday and definitely dating, we imagine.

Still, it would seem that her dad is still quite overprotective, even if he has learned to cut his loses. But, it is not all bad because he wants his daughter to live in a world where she is valued for her intellect and not so much what her body looks like.

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Willow revealed this on the new talk show she shares with her mom and grandmother, Red Talk Table.


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The show becoming increasing popular for its fearlessness and honesty.

Body confidence and intellect

The 17-year-old said the conversation she had with her father helped shape her body confidence and world view.

Her grandmother, Adrienne Banfield, however, wanted Willow to know that she did not have to be curvy to be considered desirable, and we love that, Adrienne!

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