"My Cancer Diagnosis Was The Best Thing That Happened To Me" - TV Personality Joan Lunden

Date May 28, 2018

When TV personality Joan Lunden lost her father to a plane crash at 13, she made a promise to herself that she would carry on the legacy of his work as a cancer surgeon.

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How Lunden found her support group

Lunden had no idea that she herself would one day come to rely on the network of support she would build via her website as much as they relied on her.

Lunden believed at first that she needed to step into her father's shoes as a surgeon, but after she spent some time working in healthcare, she found the environment to be uninspiring. Then, she found her passion in journalism.

Healthy lifestyle and cancer diagnosis

As a presenter on Good Morning America, she used her platform tirelessly to help people make better lifestyle choices.

Learning that she had triple-negative breast cancer in 2014 did not break her.

She went through 16 rounds of chemotherapy before she underwent a lumpectomy, and she came out on the other side, standing strong and sharing her experiences on her website.

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She told the First for Women magazine that her experience with cancer was the best thing that ever happened to her, as it made her awake to life and eager to make each day meaningful.

Lunden is fearless

The brave TV personality encourages cancer patients to get into survival mode by educating themselves on what is safe to eat while dealing with the sickness. 

For a woman who was not afraid to go bald and look beautiful on the cover of Today, she admits that she did not go through the experience alone. Her support group helped her beat cancer, and now she is back on her feet.

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