Duchess Rule Book: Is Meghan Markle Getting Schooled About Being Too Emotional In Public?


June 8, 2018 15:00 By Fabiosa

The Windsor family is so preoccupied with their image that they are reportedly making sure Meghan Markle gets the proper training to be a duchess.

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Life before Harry

She officially became Duchess after she married Prince Harry on May 19. On the page designated to her, proper acknowledgement was given to her work as an activist before she met Harry.

The accomplished royal had held a top billing role as a lead actress on the highly successful legal drama, Suits, and served as Global Ambassador for World Vision.

No more touchy-feely public engagement

As impressive as her life was before she married Harry, it apparently pales in comparison to her role as Duchess.

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According to royal insider sources, Markle's touchy-feely relationship with her adoring fans is something she has been advised to tone down.


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This premium piece of duchess advice was reportedly handed down to her from Kate Middleton who used to be an outsider herself.

Proper Duchess

It was reported earlier that the Duchess of Sussex was taking 'Duchess classes' to prepare her for her new role. And to further prove this, it has been said that the Queen is putting everything Markle needs at her disposal.

What's more, the fashion diva Victoria Beckham is helping Meghan Markle get a fitting wardrobe too. She definitely has her work cut out for her.

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