Lucille Ball Hated Patty Duke For Dating Her Teenage Son, But Did They Let Go Of Their Difference Before She Died?

Date June 8, 2018

When Patty Duke died in 2016, fans could not help but remember a long ago scandal she was involved in. This was besides her infamously brief "Thank you" Oscar acceptance speech, of course.

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Controversial affair

She had been in her fair share of Hollywood scandals, but her 70s affair with 17-year-old Desi Arnaz Jr. remained fresh.


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Both of them met on screen as love interests in The Brady Bunch. And although Desi was 6 years her junior, and she was a divorcee, she carried on a relationship with the minor.

Patty Duke vs. Lucille Ball

Desi’s mom, the famous actress Lucille Ball, was livid, and both women went to war.


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Years later, in a 1991 interview, Desi claimed his mom was really a fan of Patty Duke, even if she disliked their problematic relationship.


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And Patty confirmed this in a memoir she wrote, "In the Presence of Greatness." She addressed the rumored conflict and confirmed that they met at a soiree in the 80s where they ended their differences.

They loved each other

Before she died, they were not just in good terms, but they actually loved each other.

Lucille Ball died at 77 in 1989, after years of dominating the small screen with her fun, genius show, I Love Lucy.

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