Did America's Comedy Sweetheart Lucille Ball Have A Secret Child She Never Acknowledged?

The American series I Love Lucy ran for just 6 years, but in that time, it easily became one of the most famous shows in television history.

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Perfect lives

It's lead acts, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, became America's darlings. In real life, they had the perfect family with two children. Their sometimes rocky relationship did not affect their love. They stayed married for 20 years.

By the time Lucille died in 1989, her children had already carved their own paths in Hollywood.

2 or 3 children?

These days, Desi Arnaz junior is 65 and has a successful career as an actor and musician behind him. Lucie, his sister, is 66 and still working on stage. She also recently released a song with her son.

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However, for a year now, their perfect lives have been dogged by reports that Lucille and Desi actually had a daughter, Linda Lou, before they went on to have Desi Jr. and Lucie.

The extensive reports written on Syndicated News Network claims that Wikipedia had certified their evidence. They claim she looked more like her parents than her famous siblings.

No DNA evidence

Although the Arnaz family have distanced themselves from these claims, Linda Lou's daughter, Cassandria Lucianna Arnaz, has gone public with her story.

Linda, her mother, reportedly suffered an addiction through her adult life until she died in 2003, but Cassandria claims that Lucille Ball regularly visited 'her daughter'.

It remains to be seen if there's any truth to these claims, as no DNA evidence exists yet.

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