Did Queen Elizabeth Pick The Worst Possible Royal Home As Her Gift To Prince Harry And Meghan Markle?

Date June 8, 2018

Although Prince Harry and Meghan Markle asked that everyone who had wedding gifts for them should direct it to charities of their choice, they had to have known that the Queen of England would do as she pleased, right?


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A gift for the newlyweds?

The monarch went ahead to gift the newlyweds York House as their new home, Metro News reports. York House is on Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.


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Officially, it is known as Bachelor's Cottage, and it belonged to the Queen's father, King George VI. His mom, the Duchess of York, is said to have died there. Prince Albert Victor also died there in the 1890s, just before his wedding at 28.

York Cottage has a bad rap

The cottage has been described as charming by some people, and yet others describe as flat out ugly. One of its famous haters was Queen Victoria herself who described it as "unlucky and sad." She was not alone.

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Most members of the royal family have hated York Cottage for more than a century.

Is it all fake news?

Yet, does Meghan Markle mind? There is no way to know this yet, as the news of the gift has not even been confirmed.

An expert on British and European royalty confirmed on Twitter that the news was very likely fake. According to her, Sandringham palace security responded in the negative when she asked them about the couple moving in.

She also shared pictures of York house and said there were no signs of preparation for its rumored inhabitants.

What do you think?

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