Finally Over Her Handsome Prince? Sarah Ferguson No Longer Wears The Expensive Engagement Ring Prince Andrew Gave Her

Date June 7, 2018 13:47

When royal playboy Prince Andrew proposed to Sarah Ferguson in 1986, he did so with a trend-setting ruby ring that captivated both the public and fashion designers alike.

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Fergie's ruby ring

The Burmese ruby piece was in many ways similar to Princess Diana's ring from Andrew's older brother, Charles.

Fergie's ring, a gold band spotting a colorful stone surrounded by 10 diamonds, was made by the same designer who made Diana's ring, Garrard.

Its special significance

This made perfect sense as both women were friends. It was Diana who even re-introduced the childhood friends and helped encourage their relationship as adults.

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When Andrew chose the ruby ring, he wanted it to suit her fiery red hair. And in 1996, when they divorced, she got to keep the engagement ring which had reportedly been priced at £25,000.

The ring, now priced at £71,350, continued to hold a special place in Fergie's heart, and long after her divorce was finalised, she was still photographed wearing it in 2000.

Ditching the ring finally

It is not clear what has become of the ring, but as early as 2008, reports that Sarah Ferguson had finally ditched the ring.

Although, she had constantly hinted at the fact that she still adores Andrew, it is said that she stopped wearing the ring around the time she received a £130,000 Bentley from her boyfriend, Geir Frantzen.

It's safe to say the ring is somewhere safe within her prized jewelry collection.

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