Full Disclosure: Dolly Parton Reveals Why She Has Not Made A Public Appearance Without Her Signature Wig Since 1973

Date May 17, 2018 12:26

For as long as the world has known the phenomenal country musician, her big hairdo has been a part of her identity. It is almost impossible to imagine her without it.

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Signature hair

In a 2016 interview with Home & Family, however, she revealed the truth behind her signature hair and why she has stuck to it for years.

Parton has a great selection of beautifully coiffed wigs that she uses alternately. She showed off three on the show and disclosed that some of her wigs date back to 1973.

Dolly Parton's big reveal

The singer said she opted for wigs as a way to protect her hair from the strain of constant tinkering and bleaching. And if you are wondering why she stuck to her sky-high updos, the answer is simple: It's a country musician thing.

She said:

Gospel singers and country singers just have to have that big hair. It’s just a thing.

Truth be told, even if she did not admit to wearing wig, it was easy to figure out that her decades old power tresses could not possibly be the result of good genes and a great stylist.

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Parton is serious about how her brand is perceived by her fans. Even at 72, she does not want people to see her and be disappointed.

She is honest about the adjustments she has had to make to her body to create the persona the world has come to know as Dolly Parton.

The Dolly Parton getup

Ted Miller, her long time business manager, has not seen her without her Dolly Parton getup in all their years of working together.

He is not even sure that her husband of more than 50 years has seen it all.

While that is highly improbable, here's how to recreate the Dolly Parton look if you're a fan or at a loss about which celebrity you want to be when Halloween rolls around.

Dolly Parton Art