Hoda Kotb And Sandra Bullock Bonding Over Motherhood In A New 'Ocean 8' Interview Gave Their Fans All The Feels

Date June 7, 2018

TODAY anchorwoman, Hoda Kotb, and actress Sandra Bullock have something special in common. They are both adoptive moms.


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They love being moms

In 2017, at the age of 52, Kotb and her boyfriend, Joel Schiffman, chose to adopt their daughter, Hayley. The news was shared with fans of the anchorwoman in an emotional reveal on the show.

On her part, Sandra Bullock has been open about the challenges of raising her children, Louis and Laila, both African-American.

Bonding over shared experiences

To promote her new movie, Ocean 8, Bullock sat down to chat with Hoda Kotb, and both women bonded easily over their experiences as adoptive moms.


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Asked what her priorities are these days, the movie star said she had a lot of fun playing her character in the movie, but her most important role is 'mom'. She confessed to being quite attached to her son and daughter.

Both women had some heartbreaking and yet beautiful moments talking about the process of getting to meet and know their children.

Don't call them 'adopted children'!

And to be clear, Bullock is not down with her kids being called 'adopted children'.



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She said as much in an earlier interview where she called out anyone guilty of using the term for not saying the same of children born with the aid of IVF.

We simply love how Bullock is such a protective mom.

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