Kevin Costner Says Losing His First Marriage Traumatized And Held Him Back From Loving Again For Years

Date June 29, 2018

Kevin Costner is baring his heart about a subject many people find difficult to be honest about: Regretting his divorce and the effect it had on him.

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A difficult divorce

After 16 years of marriage, in 1994, the actor and his then wife, Cindy Silva, ended their union in what is now known as one of Hollywood's most expensive divorces.


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Silva got a nice little $80 million check in divorce settlements just when Costner's career was at its peek, but the actor is not crying over the money he lost.

Another shot at marriage

Losing his college sweatheart, whom he married long before fame, in 1978, hurt him so much that he became quite resistant to giving marriage another shot.

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He stayed unmarried for years, even after he met and fell in love with his current wife, Christine Baumgartner. It took an epiphany for the Bull Durham star to say yes to marriage and fatherhood again. He says he had to make a choice between fear and love, and the answer was clear to him.

He's a better man

Although Costner says he is proud of the father he was to his three older children from his first marriage – Annie, 34, Lily, 31, and Joe, 30 – he's more confident about his second marriage and its staying power.

These days, the actor has a total of seven children: three more from Baumgartner and a fourth from a relationship in between both marriages. But, more importantly, his days of regret are behind him.

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