Stealing Thunder? Michelle Obama Performed A Special FLOTUS Tradition On The Same Day As Melania

Date December 17, 2018 15:13

It's official! The Battle of the First Ladies may have just been triggered by a coincidence in Michelle Obama and Melania Trump's schedules.

Stealing Thunder? Michelle Obama Performed A Special FLOTUS Tradition On The Same Day As Melaniagettyimages

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Clashing schedules?

Both Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Trump had cause to visit children's hospitals on the same day last week. The former first lady was in Colorado for her Becoming book tour. Before she sat down for a chat with Reese Witherspoon, Michelle stopped by the Children’s Hospital Colorado in Denver.


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She also read The Night Before Christmas to the children and danced. Just the day before, Melania Trump had stopped by the Children's National Hospital in Washington to carry out a traditional visit by first ladies that dates back to the 1950s.

Is Mrs. Obama deliberately trying to overshadow Melania?

Melania also read to the children, but her choice was more in line with her Be Best campaign. She picked Oliver The Ornament, also a Christmas-centered story, but with an anti-bullying message. And now the seemingly harmless coincidence is causing controversies online.


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A Daily Mail report claimed that Michelle Obama was trying to overshadow Melania who had refused to reach out to her for help. They claim the clashing schedules is a move to steal the first lady's thunder.

Online, Twitter commenters are weighing in on the perceived slight. Trump supporters say Mrs. Obama is ridiculous and attention-seeking. But the mom of two is getting a lot of cheers from the rest of Twitter, especially for challenging a 14-year-old and Santa to an Orange Justice dance battle.

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