Experts Explain Why Kate And Meghan Have Very Little In Common. It's All About Their Childhoods!

Date December 11, 2018

In the months since Meghan Markle joined the Royal family, she and Kate Middleton have been subjected to endless comparisons on just about everything, including their style and public personas.


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Very different duchesses

And while both duchesses have occasionally been caught borrowing from each other, they are fundamentally different. A careful look at their photos from public engagements tells the whole story.


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Even from her early days as a fiancee accompanying Prince Harry to functions, Meghan already showed a different paparazzi approach and relationship with the camera.


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She was often photographed staring right into the lens, while Kate was known to avert her gaze.

Why Meghan and Kate may be at loggerheads

Meghan, 37, and Kate, 36, are as close as it gets agewise. But as reports of feuding between them continue, experts are looking to their childhood for answers.


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According to Dr. Arthur Cassidy, a Belfast-based psychologist who spoke to, their very different lifestyles have a lot to do with their upbringings.


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Cassidy points to Meghan's early childhood experiences, like her parents' divorce and her social realities, as being responsible for the sensitive adult she has become. He says:

Meghan, her personality traits of sensitivity, intelligence, warmth instigated her empathy for those in need.

Kate, on the other hand, grew up middle class in a world that prepared her for aristocracy and her life as a future Queen.

Her environmental influences were such that her parents had wealth charm and a good pedigree. Kate has shown high levels of warmth, emotional stability and superego strength, besides self discipline and self sufficiency.

Palace dismisses feuding rumours

Despite the frenzied reports about the bad blood between Kate and Meghan that have triggered these analyses, the palace has come out to deny the claims.


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Meghan and Harry are preparing to move out of Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage, but Buckingham Palace maintains that the relationship between both brothers and their wives is perfect.

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