Did William Shatner Have A Secret Love Child? The 'Unacknowledged Son' Legally Changes His Last Name


January 24, 2019 11:39 By Fabiosa

It’s raining secret babies in Hollywood, and everyone’s been caught in the web, from Michael Jackson to Clark Gable. But did Canadian actor William Shatner also have a baby he never acknowledged, too?

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Scandal-free life

In his prime, the Star Trek actor was quite a catch. He married multiple women and starred in big Hollywood productions The legendary Leonard Nimoy was his buddy and his net worth came up to $100 Million.

Shatner’s personal life was rocked by tragedy when his third wife Nerine Kidd drowned in a tragic accident. Other than that, he’s a relatively scandal-free Hollywood star and a dad to three daughters.

Did he father a secret child, too?

But on January 14, 2019, a middle-aged Florida man named Peter Sloan, who’d been claiming for years that Shatner is his biological father, officially changed his name to 'Peter Shatner'.

Shatner is said to have agreed to a meeting with him in the past, but repeatedly denied claims that he fathered Sloan in public. And in his response to the bizarre name change, he's gotten his lawyers to issue a cease and desist.

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Both the actor and his alleged son’s mom Kathy Burt worked on a Canadian show together in the 50s, and Sloan is supposedly the product of an affair in 1956. He was given up for adoption, but reconnected with his birth mom in 1984.

The desperate man has been on a mission to get the Golden Globe winner to take a DNA test without success. Sloan believes the cease and desist is a scare tactic and insists that he is not backing down.

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