World's Most Stunning Cakes? Mystery Cakes Served At Pastry Chef Duff Goldman's Wedding Revealed

Date January 28, 2019 12:19

The internet has been freaking out over Duff Goldman’s wedding cakes. The former Ace of Cakes star and Food Network pastry chef got married to the love of his life Johnna Colbry and chose an unconventional theme.


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Strange wedding guests

Goldman and his wife wedded at New York’s Museum of Natural History with some very special skeletons joining guests to witness the ceremony.


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The service honored Goldman’s Jewish history and religion, and stunning bride Johnna Colbry got her grandfather to officiate the Christian ceremony. But when it came to the cakes, Goldman took guests on the ride of their lives.

World's most stunning cakes?

He paid homage to his bride with a mesmerizing cake replica of her BHLDN dress. Guests were also treated to a surreal nature and wildlife cake display suspended from the roof, and the most unusual creation: a 4-tiered cake iced with mashed potatoes. 

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Twitter users are amazed at the couple's choice in wedding cakes, but they are especially in awe of the white cake. It's simply mesmerizing and on Twitter, Goldman confirmed what went into the astonishing creation.

Would you be trying out these Duff Goldman cakes anytime in the future?

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