Expert Explains The Heartbreaking Ways Angelina Jolie Is Harming Her Kids By Fighting Brad Pitt

Date November 28, 2018

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been embroiled in a messy custody battle since their separation in 2016. But now, she could be putting her kids at risk.

Expert Explains The Heartbreaking Ways Angelina Jolie Is Harming Her Kids By Fighting Brad Pittgettyimages

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Jolie does not want the children spending time with Brad

Jolie’s determination to solely parent the children has been bitterly contested by Brad Pitt, who wants to be as involved in their children’s lives as she is.


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A court ruling has also instructed Jolie to ensure that Brad Pitt has as much access to the children as required or risk losing custody altogether.


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In response, she has changed legal representation.

Expert says this could harm them mentally

Her new lawyer is reportedly more focused on the wellbeing of her children. And Pitt finally got a chance to spend more time with the kids over summer.


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But a pediatric psychologist Ernest R. Katz says all of her tactics may be stressing out her kids unduly and scarring them emotionally. She may have gone too far.

In general, kids feel very connected to, and remain in contact with, both of their parents even during a divorce. If one parent is speaking negatively about the other parent, the children will feel stressed and conflicted.

Katz says these feelings could continue to haunt the kids well into adulthood particularly if one parent makes the children feel like they have to choose.


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Possible side effects from watching their parents go at each other in this manner could be anxiety, depression, and traumatic stress reactions.

The truth behind their split

Angelina Jolie split from Brad Pitt in September 2016, amid the allegations of substance abuse. They had just been married for almost two years despite being together since 2004.


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In her statement, the actress said she was willing to share joint legal custody with Pitt, but she wanted sole physical custody. Pitt later admitted that his drinking was the reason Jolie chose to leave him. Is she still acting in her children's best interest?

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