Sandra Dee And Bobby Darin Were Desperately In Love, But Their Marriage Was Tragically Cut Short

Date January 25, 2019

The love story of the 60s teenage idol Sandra Dee and musician Bobby Darin is full of bleeding hearts. He did everything to be with her and managed to make it work, but fate was not on their side.

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She hated him on sight

When Sandra Dee met the singer, she was already a megastar in her teens.

The two were in Italy filming Come September and Dee's ever-present overbearing mom, Mary Douvan, was determined to see that Darin did not have access to her daughter.

But the singer was desperate. He told her she would be his wife the moment he introduced himself. Dee on her part was unimpressed by the famous Bobby Darin at first sight and despised him, but he sent flowers to her every day!

Romance and torment

By November, when they wrapped up filming and got back to America, he'd won her over and proposed with a giant diamond ring. But her mom fought against their marriage. For one, she could not stand the thought of her teenage daughter getting married. Who would blame her?

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According to a book Roman Candle: The Life of Bobby Darin, marrying Sandra Dee was something the singer wanted more than life itself and one night in December, they said their vows in an intimate ceremony.

Mary Douvan refused the invite sent to her and allegedly did everything she could to torment her daughter from then on.

Bitter divorce

The marriage did not last. Their tragic divorce came 7 years later after their son Todd was born. Sandra Dee was much too dependent on her mother and Bobby Darin could not stand it anymore.

Friends of the singer told the press that the couple had quarreled over Mary Douvan right before Darin asked for a divorce which the actress filed for on charges of extreme cruelty asking for custody of their son. One of Hollywood's greatest love stories came to a bitter end. Sad.

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