Behavioral Experts Noticed Something Strange About Ivanka Trump's Self Defense Amid The Email Scandal Criticism

Date November 30, 2018 11:25

Body language experts believe Ivanka Trump acted out of character while responding to questions about her email scandal and they are breaking down the signs that give her away.

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Ivanka defends her email scandal

The Senior Adviser to the President and the First Daughter Ivanka was recently indicted in an email scandal. She was caught using private email to carry out official correspondence on behalf of the U.S. government.


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Her dad and boss Donald Trump heavily criticized Hillary Clinton for a similar email scandal. But Ivanka has dismissed public criticism in her own case. She says both situations are different because her emails were properly archived.

Body language experts say she was strangely nervous

But Ivanka could have something to hide. Body language expert Lillian Glass analyzed her GMA interview and said the first daughter was the most nervous she had ever been in an interview when she was asked about misusing her private email account.

Another expert Traci Brown also pointed out that Ivanka's face involuntarily showed sincere emotions when she spoke on the migrant children forced to flee a tear gas attack over the weekend.

But while defending her father's border control policy, she appeared uncomfortable.


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Ivanka's scandal and defense may be unpopular but her father isn't complaining. Addressing the email scandal, Trump said he had accessed the situation and come to the conclusion that no breach had occurred.

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