Camilla Parker-Bowles Has Finally Addressed Her Affair With Prince Charles And The Hate Campaign Against Her


July 10, 2018 18:47 By Fabiosa

Camilla Parker-Bowles is perhaps one of the most vilified women in recent history.


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Princess Diana fought for her marriage

It's no secret that she was responsible for the break up of Britain's dream wedding between the Crown Prince of England, Prince Charles, and his future Queen, Princess Diana.


But, Diana did not give her competition an easy time. She showed up at Camilla's 40th birthday party uninvited and confronted her husband's mistress.

Camilla's side of the story

For years, Camilla has been the subject of the public's rage because of her affair with Charles and their eventual marriage. Through it all, the new Duchess of Cornwall has never really told her side of the story.


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But, she finally opened up in a 2017 interview with The Mail on Sunday. According to her, "it was a horrid and deeply unpleasant time" she couldn't have survived it without her family.

And now she says she would not wish her experience on her worst enemy.


As Duchess of Cornwall, she and Charles are mostly over the worst now. The royals are one big family these days and the former mistress has been credited with helping the family heal from the pain of the affair.

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Prince Charles