In An Emotional Interview Oprah Winfrey Calls Her Academy Girls The "Daughters She Never Had" (Video)

Date January 25, 2019

Oprah Winfrey and her partner, Stedman Graham, made a decision not to be parents or get married for that matter. But she has become much more than a mom to some special little girls.

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Why she did not have children

In response to curious questions about the choice she'd made, Oprah said in an interview that not becoming a parent was never in doubt for her.

According to the media mogul, she stood a far better chance at being a dog mom than at being a mom to children of her own. Simply put, Oprah said she would have been bad at it.

Mom Oprah - Queen of hearts

But the TV host is exactly mom material. Over the years, she surrounded herself with young girls who have become more than her daughters.

The girls, students of her charity school the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa look to her for almost everything they'd look to their birth moms for.

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In an exclusive with People Magazine, Oprah opened up about the special relationship that has grown between her and the girls who she now considers her greatest joy.


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According to her, they now call her 'Mom O' and come to her for dating and career advice. She says:

When the girls started calling me Mom O, I did not want their mothers or their legal guardians to think that I was stepping in and trying to take over the role their mom mom holds in their lives. I’m very much aware of who I am and what my role is for them. They’re the daughters I did not have.

Oprah has said she was inspired to change the lives of these kids in her school because she wanted to give girls who'd grown up like her a chance. Well done ma'am!

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