Experts Noticed Very Strange Reactions From Melania Trump During Her Sean Hannity Interview

Date December 14, 2018

On Wednesday, Melania Trump gave an unprecedented interview that pulled back the curtain on her enigmatic marriage. Perhaps, for the first time, she revealed a first lady that many American can relate to.


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Melania Trump's sincere tell-all interview

She seemed very sincere as she spoke to Fox News’ Sean Hannity about her life as Donald Trump’s wife in the face of the criticism they have had to deal with.

Melania said dealing with the mistruths published about her family had been the most difficult part of being a first lady. She called their critics opportunists trying to advance themselves by ‘writing history’.

Weird signals analyzed by body experts

Asked what her conversations with Trump are like, Melania said she tells him what she genuinely thinks and does not always agree with his tone. But she does not try to change him because he is fighting to make America great.


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However, body language experts who read her reactions while she spoke noticed some really weird signals.

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Judi James told that Melania constantly showed signs of anxiety and anger. She was anxious when anticipating a question and angry when she was asked about the hardest part of her job. All of which she tried to hide behind a confident smile.

There did appear to be subtle signs of tension about the interview in the way that she took several deep breaths before and during the chat. She seemed to overcome this by changing her body language state slightly, pulling her shoulders up and raising her chin to suggest confidence.

Is she hiding something?

This isn’t the first time the first lady has given off very mixed signals in an interview.

When she gave her ABC interview in October and infamously called herself the most bullied person in the world, public-speaking coach Anett Grant told Refinery29 that Melania seemed very melodramatic.


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Her body language did not mirror her words at all. What's going on with Melania Trump really?

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