Inspiring Reason Tina Turner Has Refused To Go Under The Knife And Why She’s Not Afraid Of Aging

Date November 27, 2018

If there's one Hollywood star who does not mind aging at all, it is Tina Turner. At 79, she's still got her style game on and her face untouched by surgery.


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She isn't afraid of the wrinkles

This is a feat considering that she has been in the public eye since the 60s. Turner was 47 when the hit album Private Dancer was released.


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Since then, she has kept her famous sexy legs, lip pout, and body weight considerably the same. But her face has acquired a few wrinkles. This isn't something that bothers Turner at all.


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Here's what she thinks:

Of course, I’ve aged a bit in the face, but not enough to worry about it. I’ve got common sense enough to know that something has to give.

Age is just a number

Her perspective on aging is definitely something a lot of women, not just Hollywood stars, can learn a thing or two from.


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And her golden rule for staying youthful is simple: Do not fixate on age, stay healthy and surround yourself with love.

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She says:

It’s just a number. I was on the cover of Vogue when I was 73. But stay informed about your health, sleep when you need to and make sure that love is a part of your life.

Despite her rock and roll reputation, Turner says she has never smoked or done drugs.

Beauty secret

How then does this Queen stay beautiful wrinkles and all? Her secrets are very easy to replicate.


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She does not believe in plastic surgery so she is very careful about what food goes into her mouth and above all her greatest beauty secret is being happy with herself.


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And she does not cheat by relying on special creams and treatments. There you have it!

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