Intriguing Reason Meghan And Harry Are Positioned Strangely In Their Controversial Christmas Card

Date December 17, 2018

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Christmas card has come under scrutiny for a number of reasons chief of which is their strange posture. Why are their backs turned to the camera?


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Divided opinions

For the Christmas card, the black and white moody photo was taken at their wedding reception on the grounds of Frogmore House.

Body language experts had very differing opinions about the Christmas card immediately after it was released.

Daily Mail experts compared it to William and Kate's with a majority preferring the warmth and casualness of the Cambridges.

Is this a deliberate power move?

But one expert's unusual opinion on the Christmas card is gaining a lot of attention.

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The legendary Judi James told that Meghan and Harry were out to flaunt their romance and status as an A-list couple with their choice. 

It could be an ad for a luxury brand, with the formally dressed couple lost in their intimate moment as they gaze up at the fireworks. By turning their backs to the camera they allow us to share their moment but not their company. It implies they're in that stage of love where they only have eyes for one another.

This contrasts sharply with the photo of Kate, William, and their three children all smiling at the camera in the woods of Anmer Hall. 

Samantha Markle does not think so

This isn't the only unusual reaction the Sussexes have gotten for the Christmas card photo. Offering her opinion as we have come to expect, Meghan's half-sister, Samantha called the picture sad.


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We doubt that the Duchess of Sussex cares much about these scathing opinions as she beams her way through pregnancy.

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