They're Inspiring! Prince William And Kate Middleton Fought Back Like True Royals When Their Son Faced ISIS Threats Last Year

Date June 14, 2018 16:29

The royals certainly need more protection than commoners as famous people in the spotlight. But what do they do when they are faced with possible threats from the most dangerous terrorist group on earth?


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Terrorist threats on Prince George's life

In 2017, a 32-year-old ISIS supporter named Husnain Rashid posted the address to Prince George's school online along with his picture. He encouraged an attack on the young royal's life.


After his arrest in November, he continued to insist on his innocence until last month when he finally admitted guilt.

What did his parents do?

But, Kate Middleton and Prince William's response to the threat to their son's life was nothing short of inspiring.


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The couple did the obvious things first. They beefed up their security with three expertly trained plain-clothes guards. 


Kensington Palace also acquired a wall of conifer trees to protect the children from overexposure.

But, the most important thing they did was this: they continued to give their children a normal childhood taking them out for ice-cream and fun.

The royals don't play with security

Still, as small as the security changes they made may seem, do not let yourself be fooled.


Neither the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge nor the Queen is casual about security.

Mirror reports that the royals spend no less than £100million of taxpayers money to protect themselves yearly. Go figure!

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