Are Lucille Ball And Desi Arnaz's Grandchildren Doing Big Things In Hollywood? Here's What We Know About Them

Date July 19, 2018

I Love Lucy star, Lucille Ball and her husband Desi Arnaz were Hollywood royalties while they lived. The pair had two known children and, if the rumors are to be believed, one unacknowledged late daughter.

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Their legacy: the acknowledged Arnaz children

But, through the years, her known children Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. who grew up famous in the seventies have gone on to live decent lives in Hollywood even if neither of them have come close to their parents’ success.

Lucie has a moderately successful career as an actress and singer, and she’s a mom to three children Simon, Joe, and Katharine Luckinbill.

Desi Jr runs a theatre and ballet company and is a dad to Haley Arnaz.

What became of Arnaz 3.0?

For the third generation Arnaz children, it would seem that they have nothing going for them or prefer a life outside of the spotlight, but this isn’t completely true.

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Although they can’t exactly compete with the Justin Biebers and Kardashians of the world when it comes to catching the attention of the paparazzi, they have careers of their own in entertainment.

Following in Lucille's footsteps

Simon is an artist, Katharine ‘Kate’ is an actress, Joseph Luckinbill is a musician. Of the brood, however, it is Kate that shares a special connection with her famous grandma who died when she was only 4.

At 17, she got to be queen at the 75th Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival, a Virginia festival her grandmother had served as grand marshall for in 1964. Perhaps, she too will make it big in Hollywood someday?

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