Jamie Lee Curtis Has The Most Unusual Love At First Sight Story! She Fell In Love When She Saw Her Husband's Photograph

Date June 12, 2018

Jamie Lee Curtis saw her husband of 34 years, Chris Guest, in a Rolling Stone Magazine and knew instantly that she had met the one. By December 1984, they were married.


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He did not return her call

Their relationship had an uncertain beginning though. She was just out of a relationship and wasted no time in calling Guest’s agent for a link up, but the actor never returned her call.


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She continued on with her life and in fact, began a new relationship. Then they had a chance meeting at a restaurant and their love story found its wings.

How to stay married according to Jamie Lee Curtis

The horror queen who got her big break on Halloween says the secret to staying married is simple, 'Don’t get divorced'.


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As easy as this might sound, the Scream Queen lead actress says this rule has kept her married to Chris Guest all these years.

Sticking together

The actress and the funny man have remained in love since their odd one-way love at first sight story began.


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And Curtis says she could write an entire book about how to keep a marriage going by sticking together no matter the odds. We sure would be curious enough to read that if it’s ever written.

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