Samantha Markle Reveals What's In The Letter She Delivered To Kensington Palace

Date October 22, 2018

Samantha Markle is sharing details about the infamous letter she dropped with the guards at Kensington Palace. 

A reconciliation trip

Meghan Markle's half-sister made an unexpected visit to the UK, in hopes for setting things right between herself and her sister. During an interview on the Jeremy Vine chat show, Samantha said she hoped she and her royal sibling will "move forward with peaceful resolve."

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She said she was hoping to apologize to the Duchess face-to-face even though she knew that it would be unlikely. 

What's in the letter?

Samantha has revealed that the letter she gave to the Kensington Palace guard contained an apology and hope that the Markle family will be reunited. 

While speaking to the UK DailyMail, Samantha revealed that in the letter, she admitted to saying horrible things about the royal and she believed Meghan will be "gracious and compassionate enough to do the right thing."

She said she believed Meghan to be a woman with a kind heart and she could not understand what would cause the rift between the royal and her father, Thomas Markle. 

The Palace spin doctors have put out that Meghan feels she can’t trust Dad because of all the stories that have been written about him but Meghan should know better.


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She explained that because she wanted to send Meghan something 'beautiful," she wrote the letter on a computer using "an elegant script." She said she hopes that now that Meghan is about to become a mom, she will understand better what it feels like for her family to be isolated. 

A baby will bring everyone together

While sharing her congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Samantha Markle, again, expressed the hope that the child will help in fostering unity among the Markles.

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Samantha told the UK Sun that the baby news has made all the animosity "disappear," and that all she wants is for Meghan to have peace during her pregnancy. 

A baby changes everything and softens everyone.

So far, it does not seem like the Duchess is making any moves towards reconciliation. Only time will tell, though.

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