YouTube Sensation Markiplier Bares Heart On The Death Of His 19-Year-Old Niece In An Emotional Video

The death of a family member is never easy. American Youtuber Mark 'Markiplier' Fischbach is opening up on the death of his niece, Miranda Rose Cracraft.


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He lost his dad

Markiplier’s father died of lung cancer. The youtuber in an interview said he has been affected by the disease personally. He has gone on to raise funds for cancer charities.

According to Markiplier, his father served an inspiration to him and his brother. He said:


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My dad was an Army guy for 24 years and has always been big on technology. He taught me and my brother everything we needed to know about computers.

Death of his niece

Markiplier posted a video on his YouTube channel announcing that he would be taking a break after the death of his niece, Miranda Cracraft.

He told his followers that he would not be able to make videos for some time. In the emotional video, Markiplier said he just wanted to let his fans know before breaking down into tears.

The YouTube star introduced his followers to Miranda’s dad, Mike, who happens to be his step-mother’s step-son. In the video clip, he revealed how both Miranda and her father had been a big support for his YouTube channel.

He thanked his followers for their support.

Miranda passed away in Fayetteville, Ohio, as a result of a car accident. She was a licensed cosmetologist.

She survived by her parents, boyfriend, seven brothers and sisters, and several relatives.


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He lost his friend

Markiplier also lost his friend and Cyndago member Daniel Kyre. He had posted on his twitter account that he would be taking a break from YouTube and would not upload any videos for quite a while.


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Daniel was found in critical condition after a suicide attempt in his room. Though he was quickly rushed to a hospital, he suffered irreversible brain damage and did not survive. Sadly, Daniel passed away after he was taken off life support.

It’s always heartbreaking to deal with the loss of a loved one. Our condolences to the family!