“I Was Exhausting To Be Around”: Eric Roberts Opens Up On His Estranged Relationship With Sister Julia Roberts

Date May 16, 2019

Despite their age difference, famous siblings Eric and Julia Roberts were once inseparable. When Eric started having drug issues, the relationship between them became strained and complicated.

Strained relationship

When their parents got divorced, Julia and her older sister, Lisa, went to live with their mother, while Eric stayed with his father.

After high school, Julia joined her siblings in New York, moving from modeling into acting, and her older brother Eric won her a small role in his film Blood Red.

Ever since then Julia’s relationship with her brother became strained especially due to his battle with drug addiction. This caused a rift between his family and led to an estrangement from Julia for many years. She didn't even invite him to her wedding.

A glimpse of their relationship

Nobody would believe that Eric as a child once had trouble speaking, and today, he is a famous actor.


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Speaking to Closer Weekly about beating the odds, the actor said having parents who founded an acting school helped.

His success as an actor inspired his younger sister Julia and his daughter to fulfill their dreams in Hollywood. He said:


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I would like to think that’s thanks to me. I’m just so proud of her, I can’t see straight. I’m also very proud of the fact that I gave the world the person that grew up to play Pretty Woman. Even I watch the movie once a year, just to feel good. It’s such fun.

Now, they are fine

Every family that has had their fair share of drama on or off screen eventually make up.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Eric said his long-time drug use took a toll on his younger sister Julia. He said:


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I was exhausting to be around: complainy, blamey, unable to enjoy enjoyment. Everyone in my world needed a break sometimes, and that must have included Julia.

Though they went on for years without talking to each other, Julia and Eric reunited after the birth of the actress’ twins, Phinnaeus and Hazel. He went to visit Julia in the hospital, and she welcomed him with open arms.


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Now that their relationship is in a better place, Eric is boldly taking credit for his sister’s celebrity status.

We are glad these Hollywood siblings were able to make up after all these years.