"You Never Get Over It": Steve Lawrence And Eydie Gorme Recall The Tragic Moment They Lost Their Son When He Was Only 23 Years Old

Date June 17, 2019 17:27

After more than four decades singing in the entertainment industry as a couple, the journey of Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme took a sad turn following the death of their youngest son.

Tragic death of their son

The son of two entertainment legends, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Michael sadly passed away at the young age of 23 at UCLA Medical Center. Lee Solters, the couple’s publicist, said Michael’s death was apparently from a heart attack. The couple's first son David is a composer.

How did they move on

As guests on the show of Larry King Live, Steve and Eydie talked about the death of their son. The couple got the tragic news of Michael’s passing from his doctor while working in Atlanta.

According to Steve, Michael had a disease called ventricular fibrillation which occurs mostly in healthy, young, athletic boys. When asked about how they dealt with the loss, Steve said: "You just, you don't deal with it, you just go on as best you can. And fortunately, we all held on."

Eydie said she never got over the death of Michael, adding that she thinks about him all the time. Steve on his part said: “We're still not over it. You never get over it.”

The couple were overwhelmed

Neither Steve nor Eydie recovered from Michael’s tragic death. They were overwhelmed with so much grief that they didn't work for a year. Eydie said she even tried therapy and contemplated suicide.

She added: "You don't survive this. It's every day, every moment. It's right now. It doesn't get better, it gets worse. One of their closest friends who was also the couple’s manager, Ms. Tannen said:


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This kind of tragedy can tear a couple apart, but these two people reinforce each other.

It’s sad such a talented family suffered the loss of a child.