Did Michael Jackson "Have A Type"? Fans Spot Uncanny Subtle Similarities Between His Two Wives

Date May 21, 2019 09:41

A decade has passed since Michael Jackson’s death, but people are still curios about the secrets of his love life.


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Some have claimed that he wasn’t attracted to women at all, and his marriages served only as a cover for his, uh, illicit preferences, but people who knew the King of Pop personally say nothing could be further from the truth.


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Bill Whitfield, the singer’s former bodyguard, defended his late boss on The Hidden Truth with Jim Breslo. What’s more, Bill said that Michael was something of a womanizer, although he sometimes got really shy around the women he liked.

Was MJ attracted to a certain type?

Michael was married two times. His short-lived first marriage was to Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis Presley’s granddaughter. His second wife was Debbie Rowe, who he met at his dermatologist’s office where she worked as a nurse. Debbie is the mom of two of Michael’s three children.


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Lisa Marie and Debbie are two different women with distinct backgrounds, but some people claim that they are actually more alike than different! Have you seen how they would look side-by-side?


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Some of Michael’s fans believe he had a thing for a certain type of women, and Lisa Marie and Debbie are of the same type.

Isn’t there some kind of elusive likeness between these two ladies?


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By the way, MJ’s two marriages were really close in time. The singer married Lisa Marie in 1994, but the two separated after less than two years. In 1996, Michael married Debbie, just months after his divorce from Lisa Marie was finalized, but that didn't last either. Michael and Debbie divorced in 1999, and he never remarried.