"It's Quite Staggering!": People Online Are Curious Why Whoopi Goldberg Has Only Dated White Men

Date April 5, 2019 18:24

The View host and actress Whoopi Goldberg has had quite a colorful love life!

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She has been married three times, and all three of her marriages didn’t last. Her longest marriage was her first one (6 years), to Alvin Martin. Whoopi’s only daughter is his child.

After her acting career kicked off, Whoopi had a few high-profile relationships with actors, including Frank Langella, Timothy Dalton, and Ted Danson.

If you look at the guys Whoopi dated or was married to, you can’t help but notice one pattern.

People on the internet are asking questions

Looking at all known Whoopi’s romantic relationships, a clear pattern emerges: she has a thing for white guys.


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The Internet is rife with questions about the actress’ unchanging preference. As an example, here’s a question posted by an anonymous user on Yahoo! Answers:

Why does Whoopi Goldberg date only white men?

It's quite staggering, all of her relationships, dating back to 1973, at least, have been with white men. Her only daughter is biracial, because her father is white. Why does she only like white men?

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Yes, it is true that Whoopi has a clear preference, but she’s already explained it at least once, and her explanation makes perfect sense.

Whoopi on why she prefers white men

No, it’s not implicit racism, or inferiority complex, or whatever. It’s a question of being comfortable and on the same level with your partner.

Whoopi once told Newsweek that she did date black guys but it didn’t work:

I have dated black men, but a woman with power is a problem for any man, but particularly a black man because it’s hard for them to get power.

I understand that, but I have to have a life, and that means dating the men that want to date me.


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Apparently, the black men Whoopi has dated were intimidated by her celebrity status.

Is her explanation credible enough?

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