'Y&R' Star Melody Thomas Scott Shares Astonishingly Simple Secret Of Her Lasting Marriage To Husband Edward

Date May 28, 2019

Some people believe having a romance with a person you work with is a recipe for disaster, but there are so many great couples whose lasting love defies this stereotype! The Young and the Restless star Melody Thomas Scott and her husband, Edward Scott, are one of these duos.

Before meeting Edward, Melody had no luck in marriage. She had been married two times, and both marriages lasted only several months. But her whole outlook on relationships and romance changed when she met Edward, who was an executive producer on Y&R.

At first, both were slightly wary of having a romance, as they were working together. And both had children from their previous relationships, so how would the kids take it?

But Melody and Edward gave it a try and realized it was so worth it!

The couple tied the knot in 1985 and, a few years later, welcomed another child into the mix, making them a family of five. And, believe it or not, their marriage is still going strong after more than three long decades!

Their three adorable daughters – Jennifer, Alexandra, and Elizabeth – have left their parents’ nest, so Melody and Edward are now living a quiet and happy life in their Beverly Hills home.

Are you wondering what makes them last? Although they did get together when working on The Young and the Restless, it’s them giving each other space when needed that has kept the flame burning.

During an appearance on The Talk, Melody admitted they spent a lot of time apart after they went on to work on different shows, so that was enough for them to start missing each other. She told the panel:

My husband is a producer, we met on the show. He produces ‘Bold and Beautiful’, I do ‘Young and Restless’, and we really don’t see each other very much!

I think perhaps that’s a good thing, because we’re so busy, we’ve got our own shows going on… We’re always trying to play catch-up.

It has worked well for them for more than three decades, and we can safely expect them to last many more years!