Selfish Homewrecker? Julia Roberts' Sister-In-Law Hurls Scathing Accusations At The Actress

Date May 16, 2019

Julia Roberts’ marriage to cameraman Daniel Moder is still going strong after 17 years, but they wish people could forget how their romance started.


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Julia and Daniel met on the set of The Mexican in 2000. Back then, Julia was linked to actor Benjamin Bratt, and Danny was married to makeup artist Vera Steimberg. But the chemistry was so overpowering that the two simply couldn’t resist!


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Julia and Danny started dating, and he filed for divorce from Vera around the same time.

Vera, in her turn, was totally blindsided by this development. She accused Julia of stealing Danny and warned the actress that “what goes around, comes around.”


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It turned out, Vera was not the only person left feeling hurt and angry. Danny’s sister, Jyl Moder, thinks Julia’s actions are unforgivable, and she documented her true thoughts and feelings in her rehab diary.

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In the diary, quoted at length by Radar Online, Jyl had no kind words for her sister-in-law. She described Julia as a homewrecker and possessive wife who treats her and the rest of Danny’s family with disregard:

Diva, rude, so possessive over Danny, awful to my dad, accused me of selling stories, divided our family in half, condescending in front of family, Buddah but yet so mean.


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It’s worth mentioning here that the celeb couple reportedly paid for Jyl’s rehab stay. She sounds a bit ungrateful, doesn’t she?


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As for Julia, she admits she actually regrets her behavior in younger years. The actress called her old self “a selfish little brat” in a 2017 interview with Harper’s Bazaar U.K.

Maybe, she would have handled the situation differently, but what can she change now? What has been done can’t be undone.