"Age Is Just A Number": The Legendary Doris Day Is 96, And She's Still Got It!

Date March 5, 2019

Legendary Hollywood actress Doris Day has kept a low profile since her retirement from acting. Her last feature film was released in 1968, and she had successful stints on TV with The Doris Day Show (1968-1973) and Doris Day’s Best Friends (1985-1986).

"Age Is Just A Number": The Legendary Doris Day Is 96, And She's Still Got It!gettyimages

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Since Day quit acting and TV, she’s gone by a different name – Clara – and lived near Carmel, California, for nearly three decades.


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What has she been up to?

Day has always cared for animals and she’s dedicated to helping them. In 1978, the actress and singer founded the Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF) and she’s still actively involved with it.


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Day turned 96 in April of this year, and she rarely gives interviews or is photographed. But when she does speak to journalists, she uses it as an opportunity to talk about animals.

You can still recognize that endearing smile and glow in her eyes!


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She’s still young at heart

Interestingly, Day had assumed she was two years younger than she really is until 2017, when a copy of her birth certificate revealed her real birth date was April 3, 1922.


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It came as a surprise to everyone, not least Day herself. But the revelation didn’t upset her. She said in a statement at the time:

I’ve always said that age is just a number. I have never paid much attention to birthdays, but it’s great to finally know how old I really am!


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Day’s attitude is probably what got her this far. If you remember her exuberant onscreen persona, then you should know that’s also who she is in real life. “You have to stay positive,” she told Closer Weekly.

The animal rights activist also revealed the secret to her remarkable health:

I’m lucky. I’ve been blessed with good health. It’s important to stay active. I like to walk with my doggies.


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With her attitude, even 100 years-old won’t seem old!

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