Shirley Temple's Granddaughter Is All Grown Up And Looks As Adorable As Her Grandma

Date December 11, 2018

Many of us remember Shirley Temple as an angelic-looking child actress, and when the adorable child grew up, she had three kids of her own.

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The actress and diplomat had three children: daughter, Linda Susan (b. 1948), from her marriage to John Agar, and son Charles (b. 1952) and daughter Lori (b. 1954), from her marriage to Charles Alden Black.

Shirley died in 2014, but she lived long enough to welcome grandkids, one of whom is Teresa Caltabiano.

Who is Teresa Caltabiano?

Teresa Caltabiano is the daughter of Shirley Temple’s eldest child, Susan.

Shirley had the joy of watching Teresa grow up. Teresa looked a lot like her grandma when she was a child! She has Shirley’s adorable smile. Isn’t she cute?

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In 2007, two years after her beloved husband’s passing, Shirley saw her family grow when Teresa gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The actress became a first-time great-grandma!

In the coming years, the family continued to grow. Now, Teresa is a mom of three kids: two girls and one boy, who was born this year. The great-grandma was still there to meet her great-granddaughters.

What does Teresa do?

Teresa didn’t follow in her famous grandma’s footsteps. But, just like Shirley, she loves kids and chose her profession accordingly.

She is a teacher of English at Northwestern Middle School in Alpharetta, Georgia. One of her students described her as “super cool” on Reddit.


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Teresa chose a simple, modest life and dedicates it to educating children. Her grandma must have been very proud of her!

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