Doris Day's Only Grandchild, Ryan Melcher, Grew Up Into A Handsome Young Man

Date December 28, 2018

The legendary singer and actress Doris Day is 96 years old now, and she’s been out of the public eye for decades. However, many people are still interested in how she and her family are doing.


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Her only son, Terry Melcher, has been gone for more than a decade, and that makes Ryan Melcher, Doris’ only grandson, her closest relative. Who is this man and what does he do? And, most importantly, is he close to his grandma?


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Who is Ryan Melcher?

Terry Melcher, Ryan’s dad, was born in Doris’ first (and short-lived) marriage to musician Al Jorden in 1942. Doris married Martin Melcher when Terry was nine years old, and the boy took his stepdad’s surname.


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Terry grew up and, following in his famous mom’s footsteps, became a musician. He married a woman named Terese and they had a son, Ryan.


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Ryan grew up into a handsome man! He works as a real estate agent in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, where his grandmother has been living since the ‘70s.


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Carmel has some breathtaking views, so dealing with property there must be a lucrative business.


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According to his website, he’s an animal lover, just like Doris.


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Are Ryan and Doris close?

Although an article on Daily Mail states Ryan and Doris are estranged, there’s no evidence of that. Ryan’s activity on social media suggests otherwise; he often posts cute throwback photos featuring his dad and grandma.


Happy Birthday pops. 12 years and counting but we still miss you.

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Ryan’s dad died from cancer in 2004. Ryan still misses him and often posts touching tributes to his late dad on social media.

It looks like Ryan is doing well. His grandma must be proud of him!

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