Jamie Lee Curtis Slammed For "Thoughtless" Comments On The Face-Off Between A Teen And A Native American

Date January 22, 2019 14:32

‘Scream Queen’ Jamie Lee Curtis dazzled at this year’s Golden Globes (although some have said she looked unusually old), but someone deliberately tried to outshine the actress.

Jamie Lee Curtis Slammed For "Thoughtless" Comments On The Face-Off Between A Teen And A Native AmericanGetty Images / Ideal Image

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It was the Fiji Water girl (Fiji sponsored the ceremony), who tried to get into every celebrity’s picture, posing behind or beside them and looking directly into the camera. Jamie Lee wasn’t happy when she saw the pictures and slammed Fiji on social media in her usual outspoken manner (which she often employs when speaking about important issues, such as this one).

A week later, however, the actress’ manner landed her in trouble.

Jamie Lee’s comments on a controversial incident

On Friday, January 18, a group of 'MAGA' hat-wearing high school students faced off a group of Native Americans at the Indigenous Peoples March at the Lincoln Memorial.

A video of the incident shows Nick Sandmann, a high school junior wearing a MAGA hat, facing Nathan Phillips, an Omaha tribe elder and Vietnam War vet. The teen can be seen smirking and staring at Phillips, with a group of students in the background laughing and filming the confrontation.


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Thankfully, the incident didn’t escalate, but Phillips later commented on it, saying he felt threatened and was afraid for his people’s safety. Sandmann later issued a statement, claiming there was no ill intent in his actions. Sadly, this and other incidents (such as this one) prove that racism is alive and kicking in America.

Jamie Lee commented about the incident on social media (her posts in defense of the teen have since been deleted) and later apologized for commenting without knowing the whole story.

But it looks like for some, the actress’ apology was not enough.

How people reacted

If you post something on social media, you can’t just take it back, especially if you have a significant following. Many people were disappointed in Jamie Lee’s initial comments and apology, and here are some of their replies:

And what do you think about the whole incident and Jamie Lee’s reaction?

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