Jason Robards' Youngest Son Jake Is The Spitting Image Of His Handsome Dad And Is Also An Actor

Date March 8, 2019

Remember Jason Robards?

Of course, you do! Who could have forgotten his roles in All the President’s Men (1976) and Julia (1977), the compelling performances that earned him two consecutive Oscars for the Best Supporting Actor?


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Sadly, the actor passed away in 2000, following a battle with lung cancer. Although he’s been gone for two decades, his children are making sure his legacy lives on.


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Jason was married four times and has six children, while his youngest son, Jake, looks a lot like him and is also an actor!

Who is Jake Robards?

Jake Robards (b.1975) is one of two children Jason had with his fourth wife, Lois O’Connor.

Jake’s grandpa, Jason Robards Sr., was also an actor. It seems that a career in acting was inevitable for Jake, and he did venture into the business after some hesitation.

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He graduated from Georgetown University and initially wanted a career in law. But he reconsidered after his French professor assigned him a part in Moliere’s The School for Wifes. Jake realized he does have his dad and grandpa’s talent and decided to apply it!


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He has mostly played on stage, but he's also had a few screen roles, including appearances on Feud (2017) and Billions (2017).

Jason was very proud of Jake

Jason was pleased when he learned that Jake decided to follow in his footsteps. Two of his other children, sons Sam and Jason III, are also actors, so Jason was happy that his sons chose to make the family an acting dynasty.

Jason Robards' Youngest Son Jake Is The Spitting Image Of His Handsome Dad And Is Also An Actor© All the President's Men (1976) / Warner Bros.

Shortly before his passing in 2000, Jason spoke to People about his youngest son’s performance in an off-Broadway play and praised Jake for his endeavors:

He did very well. I’m very proud that he chose to be an actor.

Today, Jake continues making his dad proud!

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