Priscilla Presley Was "Fearful" Of Elvis And Got Out Of The Marriage To Save Herself, Author Claims

Date April 12, 2019

When Priscilla Presley just started dating Elvis, she thought she was living a dream life. Oh, how many girls envied her! Elvis was the biggest star in those days, and was handsome and charming, what more could Priscilla wish for?


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Sadly, as time went by, it became clear to Priscilla that Elvis wasn’t perfect. Speaking about their deteriorating relationship, she’s said more than once that he became controlling, jealous, and overprotective.


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According to an author who knew both of them, a change in Elvis’ personality took a heavy toll on Priscilla, and it wouldn’t let go even after the two divorced.

Priscilla was afraid of Elvis

Chris Hutchins, a journalist and writer who knows Priscilla personally and also knew Elvis, saw glimpses of what their relationship was like.


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Writing for the Daily Mail, Chris recalled visiting Priscilla after she and Elvis divorced, and it was clear to him that she was terrified. Elvis would call her all the time and demand to know who she was with and what she was doing.

Priscilla was “fearful” of her ex-husband’s “almighty power” and was afraid he could do something to her potential suitors. Who knew what the star could think up while under the influence?


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Although their relationship was a nightmare when it ended, Priscilla admitted to Chris it hadn’t always been this way. He quotes her as saying:

It wasn’t always like this. Elvis used to be kind, gentle and always attentive. But things changed long before our wedding day. I should have realized I was marrying an entourage and only had a share in its leader. It had to end.


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Elvis tried to control every aspect of Priscilla’s life, but she had no leverage to control him, even when they were married. Graceland didn’t feel like home to Priscilla, and she finally made the decision to leave. She told Chris:

Graceland was the worst. It wasn’t a home, it was a carnival and I was one of the acts. I had to get out and become a woman in my own right.


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Why she never remarried

Elvis died a few years after Priscilla divorced him, and she never remarried. Many think she didn’t marry another man out of loyalty to her late ex-husband, but she has a different reason to remain unmarried.

She said in one interview:

In marriage, you can easily take each other for granted. You begin to feel obligated. I see it happening to my friends – everyone is divorced – and I saw it happen to me. It's a slow gradual change. Whatever it is that marriage does, it changes you. It may be the obligation; it may be the responsibility. People become less sensitive to each other's needs. They do something because they have to, not because they want to. So I would rather be the girlfriend than the wife.


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After Elvis’ passing, Priscilla was in a long-term relationship (22 years!) with Marco Garibaldi and had his son, Navarone Garibaldi. But she has stayed true to her word and never married Marco or anyone.

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