Elvis' Women At War: The Reason Behind Priscilla Presley's Feud With Elvis' Last Love, Ginger Alden

Date February 19, 2019

Of all women Elvis Presley loved in his life, Priscilla Presley is the one who is most talked about. The King's last love, Ginger Alden, is rarely mentioned, although her role in his life was quite significant.


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Ginger was Elvis’ girlfriend during the last year of his life. They were engaged and were even making wedding plans, by Ginger's account. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be: The singer died suddenly on August 16, 1977.


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Now that Elvis is long gone, it would make sense for Ginger and Priscilla to put their differences behind, but their feud has only intensified.

What is the conflict about?

By the time Elvis got together with Ginger, he and Priscilla had been divorced for a few years.


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However, Priscilla can’t let go of the idea that she was the one and only for the King of Rock-and-Roll. Apparently, she thinks other women in Elvis’ life pale into insignificance compared to her.


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In January 2018, Priscilla made an appearance on Sunday Night, an Australian news program, and claimed there was no “other woman” in Elvis’ life (no other than her, that is). She stated Elvis wanted to get back together with her and failed to even acknowledge Ginger’s existence.

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Needless to say, Ginger was furious when she found out about the interview. She took to Facebook and wrote a sharp rebuke, suggesting Priscilla is a liar who can’t stop exploiting Elvis’ name.

In her post, Ginger said Priscilla was spreading lies. She added that Elvis had no intention of getting back together with his ex and was unhappy in the last years of their marriage.

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Ginger’s criticism didn’t stop at that

A few months after Priscilla's interview, an HBO documentary titled Elvis Presley: The Searcher was released. Again, Ginger took to Facebook and slammed what she says is an inaccurate portrayal of Elvis, especially his final months.

Ginger stated he wasn’t depressed and "was looking forward to many things in life," meaning he didn’t intentionally take his own life, as some have claimed.

Well, Ginger is one of the few people who know what was really happening in the months before Elvis’ untimely passing. We shouldn’t simply write off her version of the story.

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