Writer Claims Oprah Is With Stedman Graham Only Because He Is "A Successful Light-Skinned Man"

Date March 29, 2019 14:31

Oprah Winfrey has got everything going for her. She is the most successful African-American woman in show business, and she has a loving and loyal partner, who has been by her side for over three decades.

However, her love life before her ascent to fame wasn’t so bright.


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First, there was radio host John Tesh, who reportedly broke up with Oprah because of her skin color.


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Then, there was Tim Watts, a radio DJ, who reportedly led a double life: he dated Oprah, but never told her he was married with children (Oprah was despondent when she found out, but they became friends in later years).

In 1986, Oprah finally found the one: Stedman Graham, a PR man, author, and businessman. They are still together.

However, Kitty Kelley, a sensational writer and author of the most explosive Oprah’s biography, claims it wasn’t just love at play when Oprah and Stedman started dating.


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Oprah had a hidden motive, Kitty says

In her scandalous book, Oprah: A Biography, the author claims that it wasn’t just Stedman’s smarts and handsome looks that drew Oprah to him.


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Kitty claims one of the reasons why Oprah started dating Stedman is his skin color, which is lighter than hers. The author quotes an acquaintance of Oprah’s as saying:

Because Oprah is so dark she felt discrimination within our own community… That’s why she’s always been attracted to high yella men. She needs to have a successful light-skinned man by her side to feel secure.


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The book also claims that Oprah chose Stedman because he looks like Tim Watts, the man who broke her heart years ago. Kitty quotes Tim’s mistress as saying:

I nearly fainted the first time I saw a picture of Stedman Graham, because he looks exactly like Tim: tall – six-foot-five or six-foot-six – handsome, with a mustache, and very light-skinned. I thought, ‘Wow, Oprah has found a replica for Tim in Stedman.’


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So, Kitty accuses Oprah of colorism – that’s a serious charge! Do you think there’s any truth in her words? Or did she just put such claims in her book to make it more sensational?

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