Alan Alda And His Wife Arlene Are Parents To Three Beautiful Daughters. Where Are They Now?

Date January 31, 2019

Alan Alda and his wife Arlene met when they were in college, and they’ve been married for more than 60 years. Such long-lasting devotion is rare!


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The couple raised three beautiful daughters: Beatrice, Eve, and Elizabeth. Where are they now, and what do they do?

Meet Alan Alda’s daughters

Beatrice Alda followed in her dad’s footsteps at first and dabbled in acting in the ’80s, making her debut screen appearance in The Four Seasons alongside her father. As she got older, Beatrice decided she wanted a different role in film production and became a filmmaker.


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Eve Alda graduated from Connecticut College with a degree in Psychology, her Facebook profile indicates.

According to her profile, she currently lives in Winchester, Massachusetts, and remains close to her family.

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Elizabeth Alda first considered a career in acting like her sister Beatrice, and she also appeared in The Four Seasons. But eventually, Elizabeth found her true calling and became a special education teacher.

The family remains close to each other, and the three women support their dad in his battle with Parkinson’s disease (the actor himself wouldn’t call it a 'battle', though).

Alda on the lessons he’s given to his daughters and grandkids

Alan Alda knows he and his wife did something right raising their daughters! In an interview with the Saturday Evening Post, he said Beatrice, Eve, and Elizabeth “all have advanced degrees and I’m very proud of them.”


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By the way, he and Arlene are grandparents to eight grandkids! In an interview with Reuters, the actor spoke about one of his big family’s favorite pastimes – improvising:

I have three daughters and eight grandkids, and a lot of us have improvised together. I love that they have an interest in it, because it certainly changed my life. Improvising is life-changing, because it makes you a different person, a better person.


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Just imagine how hilarious it is to improvise with Alan Alda! The Aldas seem like a great family that knows how to have fun.

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