Sir Rod Stewart's First Grandchild, Delilah, Inherited Her Legendary Grandpa's Passion For Music

Date January 23, 2019

The legendary British singer Sir Rod Stewart, who is a father of eight children, welcomed his first grandchild in 2011.


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The singer’s second child, daughter Kimberly, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Delilah on August 21. The girl’s father is actor Benicio del Toro, who wasn’t in a relationship with Kim.


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Sir Rod and other members of the Stewart family were at the hospital by Kimberly’s side when her baby arrived. “My joy is indescribable,” the singer told People at the time.

Delilah shares her grandpa’s passion for music

Delilah is so grown up and looks a lot like her famous dad!


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It’s not clear if the dad is involved in raising her, but her maternal grandpa sure is, and the girl is already learning from him.


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Not only does she enjoy listening to music and going to concerts and music festivals, but she’s also learning to play multiple instruments. Needless to say, it’s all Sir Rod’s influence!


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Delilah also likes other forms of performing arts, including dancing. Well, what else could you expect from a girl with artistic genes from both parents?



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Speaking about genes, you don't need to have any of these from your artistic parents to have their talent, as Madonna's children prove!

Sir Rod helps a lot in raising Delilah

Kimberly is a single mom, but her daughter doesn’t lack care and attention from her big family.


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Speaking to Hello!, Kimberly (who was living with her half-sister Ruby at the time of the interview), described her dad as “very involved”:

Dad is very involved and is also the peacemaker, although sometimes he can be the s**t stirrer! [...] He's got a very mischievous sense of humor.


"So mature Grandad" @rodstewart

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It must be so much fun for Delilah, having this troublemaker for a grandpa!

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